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A comedy 

Written and voiced  by Tom Fairfoot

SPACE AFRICA episode one
00:00 / 28:33

The Year is 2199. The galaxy is divided into various quadrants. Alien life has been discovered due to the advent of worm holes enabling space travel across millions of light years. Along with NASA, the European Space Agency and the Asian Space Agency, the rather “dodgy” United African Space Agency has emerged. It was Funded by Shark Muttleworth’s great grandson in 2085 in return for a free flight to Alpha Centauri and named rather unfortunately UASA.

We join the Freight cargo ship Mandela 19 on it’s maiden journey delivering supplies to the mining town, Nostra, on Alpha Centauri, the closest star in our galaxy and by this time a huge international space port. The only problem is that it is New Year’s eve and the crew have just woken. They are a little pissed off because they are working on a holiday, and to make matters worse, they are a bit lost. They are three billion light years off course. They also discover the lost Mandela 4. Mandela 4 is the original cargo ship sent as an emmisary of UASA in 2085. They detect that Mandela 4 is silent apart from a rather distraught entertainment droid who was originally programmed for the festivities on Alpha Centauri. However, like Mandela 4, in 2085, Mandela 19 never reaches it’s destination.

The format is a sitcom, the characters are larger than life, and all rejects from various walks of life, who have ended up on Mandela 19, a large cargo ship. The setting is mainly around the interior of the ship and their attempts to get home, after being thrown off course by a one in a million fluctuation in the wormhole called Catalan. The style is parody and a light hearted look at some contemporary situations and characters set in the future.

The interior of the ship is cheap, and the uniforms shoddy, to indicate that the African Space Agency is rather badly funded, and due to typical African bureaucracy, nothing has really changed even in 2199.

They Came by night 

The Icor Tales Book 1

By Andrew Bathgate 

Narrated by Tom Fairfoot 

Reviews on Amazon Audible

The narrator, Tom Fairfoot, showcases his brilliant versatility. His effortless storytelling really draws the listener in and his performance makes it a truly immersive experience


Andrew Bathgate’s numerous richly drawn characters are brought alive by the superb performance of the narrator Tom Fairfoot. Not only has he a flair for the various regional/class accents but he gives each personality his/her own distinctive individuality.

The narrator did a incredible job of bringing the story to life I did not want to quit listening it really made you feel like you were these characters. 

 They Came by night  The Icor Tales Book 1 By Andrew Bathgate  Narrated by Tom Fairfoot

In the Hall of the Ancients:

The Icor Tales Book 2  

Written by Andrew Bathgate 

Narrated by Tom Fairfoot 

Reviews on Amazon Audible

Character-rich fantasy.

Andrew Bathgate’s imagination knows no bounds and for lovers of science fiction and action packed drama, this is pure fantastical delight. Tom Fairfoot’s narration is pitch-perfect for this exciting character-rich story. Each personality is recognisable by his/her unique voice which he delivers with true professionalism.

 In the Hall of the Ancients: The Icor Tales Book 2   Written by Andrew Bathgate  Narrated by Tom Fairfoot

Shakespeare Conspiracy of silence

Written By Raf Lindia

Narrated by Tom Fairfoot

A fast-paced novel with an extremely engaging powerful story of a well-respected detective trying to protect the secret that the British Crown and Vatican have been covering up for centuries while investigating several murders related to the secret. I couldn't put this book down! A must read. I look forward to future novels!

Tom Fairfoot plays multiple characters and narrates with great dexterity and skill, truly bringing to life this exciting thriller. 

 Shakespeare Conspiracy of silence Written By Raf Lindia Narrated by Tom Fairfoot

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