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I am Head of Television at Ogilvy Johannesburg, before joining Ogilvy I was a television producer at the internationally respected agency, TBWA Hunt Lascaris.

As a producer with a great deal of  experience in the commercial business I have had the opportunity to work on many award-winning campaigns for brands such as Cadbury, Avis, Audi, Coke, Sprite, SAB (South African Breweries), to name a few.

While at Ogilvy, I have been fortunate to work with Tom Fairfoot who is a very accomplished and well-respected voice artiste in our industry.   He is one of the top voices in South Africa since his delivery styles are very versatile, be it for use in a radio ad, a television commercial or even for corporate and entertainment functions.  


He is always extremely professional and really great to work with.

He is passionate and committed and I know he will never let me down, he also often provides valuable input when my creative team require it but he never oversteps the mark.

I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Tom as a voice artiste of extraordinary ability

Debbie Dannheisser

Head of TV Production Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg

We specialise in Television production specifically around sporting events based both in South African, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. With our main focus being on marathon running documentaries on both SABC and SuperSport.

I have worked with Tom Fairfoot as a voice artist, where he assisted us at extremely short notice to do 2 x 23 minute documentaries on the World’s Greatest Ultra Marathon – the Comrades Marathon.

I found him to be extremely professional, prompt, great to work with, and incredibly versatile. His passion to each project at hand comes through in his work. He gives 101% at all times and often gives constructive input or suggestions on alternative ways of doing things.

He is undoubtedly one of the top voice overs used in the corporate as well as the sporting and advertising world in South Africa.

Tom is experienced beyond his role and provides valuable input and creative flair into these sessions.

He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Deborah HarrisonOwner | Deep Blue Media cc

I producer TV and Radio adverts.  I have worked with Tom Fairfoot as a voice artist. He is professional, great to work with, and incredibly versatile. I use him continuously for campaigns in South Africa.

Tom is not someone who simply wants to get the job done. He is passionate and committed, often staying on past the call of duty to ensure that he has given his absolute best in every possible way.

Nakita Bolus

Havas World Wide

I am writing this letter to convey to you just how extraordinary a voice artist and actor Tom Fairfoot.

Tom worked for years on tour using Shakespeare to help kids in inner London schools, then rose to a lead role in the West End. For some that might be enough.


Then as an unknown actor in South Africa he opened in the award-winning “Stones in his pockets” to packed houses, and for several years ran an actor and voice agency that changed the rules of the game for the better.


During this time he was also to become an internationally acclaimed actor with many feature films under his belt, one of which has 30 international awards. He is truly a game changer, as anything to which he applies his energy changes on a major scale. 

Over and above his acting skills and voice work, Tom is a skilled mimic with a variety of accents. He is also reliable, accommodating and thus very easy to work with. In my opinion he is an exceptional individual in his field, and is bound to succeed in whatever field he chooses. 

Lesley Wyldbore

Commercial Television Producer - over 35 years industry experience

I am a Senior Copy Writer in the advertising industry, working on above-the-line advertising campaigns as well as fully integrated 360o campaigns. I have completed a multitude of radio and television campaigns, which I have seen through from idea & script stage through to final voice recording and audio mix.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom on numerous occasions for both local and international voice work, and have many times had Tom recommended to me by others. I have always found him extremely professional, versatile and adaptable, and always willing to stretch himself beyond his boundaries.


His wealth of experience and impressive range of performance accents, character work and his excellent ear for the nuances in performance required for each script make him invaluable as a voice over artist.

All the above, coupled with the fact that Tom is incredibly easy to work with and takes direction brilliantly, have resulted in him becoming one of the county’s leading voice artists.

Tom is clearly passionate about what he does, and is always willing to go beyond what is expected in order to deliver an exceptional product, fulfilling roles across the entertainment, corporate and advertising arenas with characteristic flair.

His most recent work for me was for a probono client, for which he did a very challenging voice over. We had auditioned countless international voices for the part via Hobsons International, but Tom was matchless in his interpretation of what was needed. Not only did he try a number of different reads to find exactly the right fit, he did so completely free of charge, which attests to his passion for his work and generosity of spirit.

I wish him absolute success in all his future endeavours and have no doubt he will be an incredible asset to anyone who has the pleasure of working with him.

Michelle J McKenna

Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg

I work in the industry as a creative, directing commercials and voice over artist. 

As a voice artist he has voiced dozens of local and international awards, including, Promax, Loeries, and two Gold and one silver at Cannes.

I truly believe he is an exceptional individual in his field. My experience with him has been one I will always use as reference to the level of professionalism any actor or voice artist should have.

He always comes with his suggestions but never forces the subject. Instead giving the client and director the options and subtle nuances they require from an actor of his ability. Tom makes it easy for us.

Henre Pretorius

Creative Director of Admit One Productions | South Africa

I work in the Advertising and Post Production industry.

I became acquainted with Tom Fairfoot when we cast him as the lead father in a very successful TV commercial for Colgate Sta-soft, whilst I was employed at Young & Rubicam Gitam. It was at that time, in 2003 , that I became aware of Tom’s exceptional talent, and over the years he has been chosen as the preferred voice-over artist on many, many of the commercials I have produced.

Tom Fairfoot bears extraordinary talent and passion for the arts: as a writer, voice-artist and actor, an asset to our industry. Tom has an impressive portfolio of work he has done, from screen to stage acting, writing, voice-over work in massive volumes, as well as representing and helping his fellow actors through his agency that he set up he ran for several years.  


His talent and passion for expression and performing is truly astounding, with creativity that runs from the core of his being and is impossible to suppress.

Lesley-Anne Roe

Senior Television Producer at Ogilvy & Mather | Johannesburg

Pulp Films is a Johannesburg-based production company with vast experience in corporate, commercial, broadcast and documentary film



I am a Director and Editor.

I have worked with Tom Fairfoot on numerous jobs, he has worked with and for me in various capacities; a voice artist, actor and writer.

Tom is professional, great to work with and incredibly versatile. He is passionate and committed, often staying on past the call of duty to ensure that the best work is achieved.

It is always great working with Tom and I value his input and creative flair into every job we do together.

Chris Carstens

Pulp Films

I have been working in the advertising industry at a number of South Africa’s top advertising agencies.  These include TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Ogilvy, Grey, DDB and now hellocomputer, which is part of the global Draftfcb network.

I am writing this letter to convey to you just how extraordinary a voice artist and actor Tom Fairfoot is.

Tom is an exceptional voice artist, with a long history and amazing   career in voice and acting spanning over two decades in the UK and South Africa.

My experience with him has been on a number of global advertising projects, which have won very prestigious creative advertising awards, both locally and internationally.

The Draftfcb global executive team and myself have chosen to work with Tom as his voice has a quality, which travels internationally, and this exceptional ability makes him a much sort after talent in this field.

Kerry Friend

Executive Creative Director of hellocomputer

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