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To communicate your ideas or presentations clearly is the difference between being effective in any workplace and or getting the job or not.  The importance of communicating effectively in any situation cannot be stressed enough.

Having trained with Stewart Pearce, world renowned voice coach at Webber Douglas Academy, my approach is based on very solid voice training with over 30 years experience in Film/ TV and Theatre and Musical theatre playing a lead on the West end.   I have also voiced 100s of of Top Brand campaigns, many of which have won awards at an international and national level, as well as numerous documetaries, animations, corporate reads, so I am able to teach voice having applied it successfully to various mediums.  I also voice fiction audio books and animations playing multiple characters, as well as informational nonfiction, narration based audio books. 

We look at breathing, resonance, projection and generally building your confidence when you are called to speak in public or simply over the phone.

My approach is very much to work with the individuals needs and abilities. To find your voice which will then authentically help you communicate with confidence.

I also ran my own company for voice artists and actors for 8 years and was involved with training artists for voice in studio.  I have led many workshops for corporate events In the UK and in SA, training groups or individuals in various professions.

The key is clarity, confidence and authenticity. Through continued exercise and looking at your specific needs I can, and have transformed people with anxiety issues related to public speaking and or problems even speaking clearly, into confident and charismatic speakers. 

I also instruct on how to create diverse and layered characters, male, female, fantasy animals, such as Ogres and Dragons in fantasy fiction as a Voice Actor when approaching these multi character fictional audio books, to make them believable so that the listener enters their world and therefore of course how to keep an audience engaged and entertained in these long form audio books. 



(A rough outline of the workshop, but is generally tailored to suit the company or individuals needs) 

The following is a very simple example of a 2 day Mastery of voice workshop. The course is very much dictated by participants skill level and their requirements. The content can be customised for your specific corporate needs.



  • Two days

  • Three/ four hours per day

  • 10 to 12 people




A talk on voice for theatre, film/ tv, advertising on social media and of course in the corporate world. People’s perceptions and then the reality of creating effective and dynamic speeches or talks for any medium. We look at the importance of intention and word stress.

  • Vocal breathing exercise

  • Vocal Resonance exercise

  • Articulation exercises

Then we show how these exercises directly relate to communicating by pairing participants. We use speeches or improvised conversation. We look at the dynamics speech and the personality of delivery.

We Talk about preparing to learn text for the next day and what is required.


A text or speech should be learned and performed.

Then we examine individuals in relation to different areas of resonance and specific areas to work on or look at.

A closer look into how the exercises relate to the presented pieces and a look at intention, presentation and clarity. And of course, most importantly perhaps, whether it’s interesting or not?

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